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Signal Finder is a monitor/fieldtest for 2G, 3G, 4G, CDMA and EVDO networks.

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Release history


Revision 8 (jan 17, 2020)

Code improvements

Revision 5 (jan 8, 2020)

Widget improvements

Code improvements

Removed interstitial ads on app close

Revision 0 (nov 11, 2019)

Improved widget services

Code improvements


Revision 8 (sep 14, 2019)

Code improvements

Revision 5 (aug 08, 2019)

Code improvements

Revision 2 (may 19, 2019)

Code improvements

Revision 1 (may 18, 2019)

Code improvements

Revision 0 (may 17, 2019)

Better Signal Strength calculation

Better Cell neighbouring calculation

Changed app default settings

Code improvements


Revision 2 (may 07, 2019)

Minor tweaks and improvements

Revision 0 (apr 19, 2019)

WiFi value in home activity

Revised WiFi neighbouring activity

Option to open immediately all saved exports

Code improvements


Revision 2 (jan 31, 2019)

Minor tweaks and improvements

Revision 1 (jan 1, 2019)

Solved an APP startup bug (v1.9.0)

Revision 0 (dec 31, 2018)

Built with latest Google API (v28)

Code revised

Widgets revised


Revision 5 (sep 22, 2018)

Code improvements

Revision 2 (jul 15, 2018)

Solved a file export exception

Minor improvements

Revision 0 (jul 14, 2018)

Many improvements as users request

EU GDPR compliant


Revision 2 (feb 23, 2018)

Solved a SignalStrength issue on some devices

Code improvements

Revision 0 (oct 3, 2017)

Changed home screen gauges to bar leds (less cpu and less battery drain)

More values inside home activity

Cell data inside maps activities

More widget size (3)

Code improvements


Revision 2 (aug 22, 2017)

Code improvements

Revision 0 (apr 22, 2017)

Time-based signal and cell detection inside settings

Metrics choice inside settings

Solved xArfcn not showing inside neighbouring activity

Many code improvements


Revision 3 (jun 21, 2017)

Solved a bug in configuration activity causing the app crash in some cases

Minor improvements

Revision 2 (jun 6, 2017)

Fixed a bug (version 1.5.0) that caused the signal power to not be displayed with wifi turned on

Small code improvements

Revision 0 (apr 22, 2017)

New home activity with phone info and gauges

Dark and light colours combinations

Slide panel menu

Option to switch http/https for wan

Many improvements


Revision 5 (dec 9, 2016)

Added support for Android 7.0+ (nougat) xARFCN (absolute radio-frequency channel number), but hidden for other Android versions

Improvements in neighbouring activity

Added your local and public IP address in Stats activity

Some code optimizations

Revision 0 (nov 5, 2016)

Added a news activity (this page), so you can stay tuned with future releases and improvements

Added graphs inside neighbouring (mobile, wi-fi and satellite) and time activities

Added possibility to show neighbouring cells inside maps, stored inside your device database

Added possibility to choose the time to live (TTL) for cells stored inside your device, before asking remote database

More values inside DB Stats activity

Many code optimizations


Revision 2 (oct 2, 2016)

Solved a bug inside Stats Activity (Start button unavailable)

Minor improvements

Revision 0 (sep 27, 2016)

Added a new DB Stats Activity

Many code improvements

Some more Help inside activities


Revision 2 (sep 16, 2016)

Fixed some reported exceptions

Revision 0 (sep 3, 2016)

Many code improvements, removed some unnecessary code and resolved some strange behaviours


Revision 5 (aug 28, 2016)

Fixed a crash when creating the "signal finder" folder on some devices

Fixed a crash during app close while showing an interstitial ad on some devices

Some minor improvements

Revision 2 (aug 10, 2016)

Improvements in Neighbouring ad Time activities code

More values inside drive view for LTE cells

Other code improvements

Revision 0 (jul 21, 2016)

Fixed red exclamation mark over maps

Google firebase services integration


Revision 5 (jun 26, 2016)

Added Signal Finder Widget

Fixed PSC/PCI detection

Small code improvements

Revision 2 (apr 12, 2016)

First release

Online Cell Locator

Insert values

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